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The Health Benefits of Ginger

For centuries, ginger root has been a prime ingredient in many Asian cuisines. It has also become widely regarded for its health benefits. Modern research has taken a keen focus on ginger root benefits, and scientists are confident about its uses as a natural remedy. Some of the benefits ginger may offer are:

• Nausea relief

• Pain Reduction

• Immune Enhancement

For anyone seeking natural remedies to revitalize their health, ginger root is a substance that simply cannot be overlooked.

Relieves Nausea

Ginger’s most renowned health benefit is its power to overcome nausea. When it is ingested, ginger provides quick relief to the stomach by promoting digestive enzymes that neutralize stomach acid naturally, which reduces the feeling of nausea. Furthermore, the phenols found in ginger relax overactive stomach muscles, which calms the stomach and further relieves nausea. Studies done today have noted ginger as an effective treatment for post-chemotherapy nausea, a common issue for cancer patients. It has also been tested as a safe and effective remedy for morning sickness experienced by women during pregnancy, comparable even to vitamin B6.

Reduces Pain

One of ginger’s more recently identified benefits is its potency in pain relief. Repeated use of ginger root has the ability to reduce joint pain caused by arthritis, as well as pain and stiffness experienced after exercise. A recent study on ginger’s effectiveness revealed that ginger was able to reduce muscle pain after an extensive workout by as much as twenty five percent. Women will also find it a convenient natural remedy to menstrual cramps. It has been ranked as effective as ibuprofen in pain relief, without suffering the same damaging health risks, making it an ideal natural alternative to the standard pain reliever.

Promotes Immune System Health

Yet another of ginger’s effects is its capacity to strengthen the immune system. Several studies have uncovered two natural antibiotics in ginger, alongside an antimicrobial agent. One recent study has marked ginger’s ability to prevent upper respiratory tract infection by preventing viruses from lodging in the upper respiratory tract. Ginger has also been included in the list of the top five antioxidant foods. Furthermore, it helps to activate T-cells, white blood cells that combat against viruses, bacterial infections, even cancer cells. These attributes allow ginger to fight infection in the body while simultaneously enhancing the immune system, which marks it as a valuable resource, especially during cold and flu season.

Ginger is considered one of the world’s oldest and most respected natural health medicines. Whether you enjoy ginger as a flavorful ingredient in some of your favorite foods, or you simply appreciate its many health benefits, ginger could prove to be an essential addition to your daily regimen. If you would like to buy ginger root supplements, they can often be found in the herbal supplements section of your local health foods store. Alternatively, you can find many online vendors that offer ginger capsules as well. When it comes to choosing an online vendor, it is important to choose a company you can trust. For this reason, we recommend Vitality Herbs. The dedicated people at Vitality Herbs pride themselves at being able to provide the highest quality organic herbs at affordable prices. All of their herbs are manufactured strictly in the U.S., and they strive to provide you with only pure organic products. Buying organic ginger assures you that everything you receive is naturally grown and prepared, and contains none of the harmful chemicals or fillers found in many products on the market. With organic ginger supplements, you can be confident that everything you put into your body is purely beneficial. We hope this article has been able to provide you with a wealth of valuable information. If you find you have any questions still regarding this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.